Money Websites


Coin Madness- Addition
This activity presents students with several money amounts in cents, and pictures of coins. Students are to click on combinations of the coins that add up to the given amount. It is interesting because there may be several ways to click on coins to add up to the amount. There is a timer and point scoring involved. When all the coins have been used, the player advances to the next level, although I did not see any difference in the difficulty from one level to another.

Coin Madness- Subtraction
This is similar to the Coin Madness- Addition site, where students are presented with a money problem and they must click on coins. In this game students must solve a subtraction problem, i.e. 40 cents - = 15 cents. I personally found this more difficult than the addition game, but just as appealing.

Matching Money
Students must match a printed amount, i.e. "14 cents", with a picture containing the correct combination of coins. There are 6 pairs of cards that must be matched to complete a level. On the upper left side of the screen you can change to more difficult levels that use increasingly higher amounts, but none more than 99 cents.

Money Program
Students are presented with word problems and must drag the appropriate coins and bills to answer the question correctly. There are three levels: easy, medium, and advanced. In the advanced level students have to use their subtraction skills to make the correct change. There are no sound effects, and the feedback is just a few words to let the students know if their answer is correct or incorrect. If you need instructions they may be found at:

Garage Sale Wizard
At a garage sale, three customers make an offer for an item. By counting up the coins (including $1 coins) in their offer, you select the highest amount to earn points. You lose points if you select the lowest offer. Each game lasts one minute. The link above leads to a description of the game. To start the Garage Sale Wizard click on the red "Play Now" button at the top left side of the description window.

Money Workshop
NOTE: is no longer a free site, but this activity still is. There are 3 topics to choose from: Identify money; Add money; Subtract money. In addition to coins and bills, there are a number of tools on a palette. At the top of he window is a "Help" button that will explain each tool adequately. This site is unique in that coins and bills can be flipped to show either the front or back side. Also helpful are the "Break up" tool that will transform any coin or bill into smaller denominations, and the "Group" tool that allows students to draw a circle around several coins and change those into coins of a larger denomination. The adding and subtracting games allow you to type in amounts in dollars and cents. The corresponding bills and coins are automatically displayed to the right, and then the student must type in the correct answer to the problem.