Temperature Websites


Reading a Thermometer
You can change the scale and range of the thermometer and show difference or change in temperature. You can also use negative numbers.

Reading Scales
This website offers practice in reading several different instruments: a thermometer, 2 kinds of scales, speedometer, a tachometer, graduated cylinder, and pressure meter. What's nice is that multiple problems can be generated either "on the line" of the scale, or randomly between the lines of the scale.


Reading Scales 2
More practice in reading various instruments: a weather station, in the lab, and in the workshop. Unlike the original Reading Scales activity, however, all of the readings are generated randomly, and they may or may not align with the scales markings.

Temperature Comparison
Here's the description from the website: "A map of Europe is presented on the whiteboard. Clicking on a country produces a note showing the name of the country and its average January temperature. Clicking on a second country produces the same for it allowing the temperatures to be compared. Europe’s widely varying winter temperatures allows the teacher to question students on the difference between given negative and positive numbers." The solution to each comparison is shown on a number line.